Writer’s Block Is Taking Over

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It’s been a week since Graduation, and you think I’d finally have time to be creative and come up with blog post ideas, but I’ve got nothing. Writer’s block is taking over. For someone like me, who loves writing and expressing my creativity, writer’s block is extremely difficult to deal with. Honestly, I’m even having a hard time writing this post.

My writer’s block has definitely gotten better since finals are over, and the change of weather helps a lot too. The winter season is a hard one, especially living in NY where there is a real winter. Everything is so blah and I feel unmotivated after the holidays. The spring season is beautiful and all the flowers are great props for photos, so it makes blogging 100% more fun.

When I am dealing with writer’s block, I find myself looking to Pinterest, other bloggers, and the world for inspiration. I adventure more, and search new places to go and always bring my camera, just in case an idea sparks my mind. I also always have a small notebook with me if I have to write an idea down.

Writer’s block is something everyone goes through, at least I think so. That’s why I wanted to write this post. The idea sparked last night actually. I was scrolling through Pinterest and searched “screaming photography” and found pictures of females screaming. Some were holding their heads, some with hair flying in their face showing a really powerful scream, and some with tears in their eyes. These images really sparked my mind and I knew I wanted to make a picture like that for this post because that’s exactly how I feel when I experience writer’s block. I turned the image sideways because I like the effect and message it portrays. My brain actually feels like it’s sideways. It feels lost and confused. I feel angry because I have no post ideas, hence the screaming picture.

I know eventually my writer’s block will disappear. Heck, who knows, maybe after this post I’ll have tons of ideas! I just want to say, if you’re experiencing writer’s block, don’t give up. Keep pushing yourself and look for inspiration in everything you do because creativity never dies, it’s in all of us and if we dig deep within ourselves we’ll find it again.

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