Why It’s Important To Take a Social Media Break

Over the course of my college career, I’ve noticed that taking a break is extremely important. Not just breaks from school, but breaks from everything. I notice this a lot when studying, especially if I’m reading off the computer. Your eyes need a break. Starring at a computer screen for too long is really damaging, and if you’re like me and already have contacts/glasses then trust me you need to give your eyes a break. My eye doctor always tells me the 20 minute rule: 20 minutes on, 20 minutes away.

The biggest break I take is from social media. Social media can become a very dangerous place. You can get trapped in the comparison game, especially in the blogging/instagram world. I like to limit my time on social media to certain hours of the day and never be on social media while laying in bed at night. I also sometimes will take weekend breaks. During these I don’t check or post anything on my social media or blog until Monday roles around.

The biggest thing and first step is turn off all your social media account notifications. I’m not going to say delete the apps, cause that can be super annoying, but turning off the notifications will help you not check in.

During my social media breaks I read a book, take a long hot bath, hangout with my boyfriend/friends, go on adventures, etc. Honestly, anything to distract me from wanting to post on social media, I will still take pictures to capture the moments and post at a later time, but I won’t post. My social media breaks can be a half a day, a whole day or 2 days like the weekend. It depends how much I feel I need.

Take social media breaks, I promise they are good. You won’t regret it and it’ll actually make you feel 10Xs better, I promise.


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