Why It Can Be Good to Take a Step Back Sometimes

The other day I had a mini breakdown because I got really stressed out about school. It’s April 7th and I have exactly one month left of the semester until finals, and graduation. I have group projects in almost every class and or research papers. Basically, I just have a lot of work and a month isn’t enough time. I could’ve done these things in the beginning or middle of the semester and trust me I wanted to start them, but you know how that goes lol.

After my mini breakdown, I turned on my oil diffuser, opened the windows, poured some coffee and focused on working. To be honest, it did help a little and I was able to focus on a paper and almost finish it too!

Yesterday, I took a step back from homework and my boyfriend and I went to the beach before sunset. It was almost 70 degrees yesterday in New York so it was perfect weather for a beach night. It was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful that it made me forget about the amount of work I need to get done and all my stress and worries.

It was really nice to just look at the sunset and small waves crashing. To have my boyfriend there with me was even better cause we got to spend this beautiful time together. We stayed there until the sun went down and then drove back and went to the diner for dinner. Everyone loves a diner right? The best food!

It felt really good taking that step back and is something I’m definitely going to do more often. It helped clear my mind completely and let me finally relax. Something I 100% needed.


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