Why I Appreciate The Rejection Email

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You probably just gasped when reading this title, thinking, “How could someone appreciate a rejection email?” Well, let me explain… I am a 4th year college student and I’ve applied to countless internships and jobs since my fall semester sophomore year, aka 2016. The percentage of the companies who have replied to my applications is probably 25% or less. It’s honestly annoying at this point.

You work so hard to make sure your cover letter and resume look prestigious, just to be left in the dark. It’s almost not even worth it. I understand companies receive thousands of applications every day, but a nice general mass “no” email would be appreciation.

Obviously, I’m not saying I want these rejection emails, but if I do receive them then I know the company actually reviewed my resume. If I’m not the best fit for their company that’s okay, but a little rejection is nicer than silence.

Moving away from job applications, pitching brand deals doesn’t always end with a rejection email either. There are many brands that don’t send rejection emails out.

I appreciate the rejection email because it means the company actually took the time to review my resume. The rejection email may make you upset, especially if it’s for a job or brand deal you really wanted, but it can also inspire you to work harder for the next application. Maybe the rejection email will change your mind on the kind of jobs you are applying for.

Whatever it may be, I think we should all appreciate a rejection email. When one door closes another one opens right?

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