Where I’ll be Shopping this Holiday Season

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When it comes to holiday shopping, I have a few go-to stores I swear by. There’s always the occasional random store, but for the most part, I stick to my main stores.

Having a plan of where you’re going to shop actually takes a lot of pressure off of holiday shopping. I always make a list of who I’m buying gifts for with a few words explaining some of their favorite things. This makes it really easy when shopping, because I can easily buy gifts geared toward what they love.

I usually go for stores that have a wide variety of items, like Macy’s, Amazon, and H&M for clothing. Let’s face it Amazon pretty much has everything you could think of, and Macy’s well it’s Macy’s. I like to go to Macy’s if I want to look at a specific gift in person. H&M has a wide variety of clothing and even sections for males and children. It’s also one of my favorite stores and always has good prices.

Where I’ll be Shopping this Holiday Season

  • Macy’s – gifts for home, in-store experience
  • H&M – clothing for females, males and even children
  • New York & Company – great female work/professional clothing
  • Amazon – the best 1 stop shop 
  • Urban Outfitters – trendy graphic t-shirts make great gifts 
  • Express – chic clothing
  • Adidas – favorite sneaker brand 
  • Sephora – makeup gifts 
  • Nordstrom higher end gifts 
  • HomeGoods – home gifts
  • Kohl’s – cheaper prices, wide variety of items

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