Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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A couple of weeks ago, a bomb cyclone hit the East Coast. Although, pretty at first fall, it was a huge mess. My streets weren’t plowed, the roads with 2 lanes became 1 lane roads, you couldn’t see in front of you, and whatever you were shoveling got thrown back in your face because of the wind. It was a no win situation. Then, all the snow melted with rain and some higher temperatures with lots of sunshine. Today, as I’m writing this it is currently snowing. Only 1 inch of snow is predicted where I live, but still it’s annoying. Anyways, I took these photos the day after the bomb cyclone and thought I’d share them with you all! Yes, this is what my streets looked like until the snow started to melt. Enjoy!

This white turtleneck sweater from hm is the comfiest and warmest sweater I own. It was approx. 20 degrees this day and I was actually really warm! I do usually wear some type of undershirt during the winter, this day I had a white fitted t-shirt underneath for extra warmth. I actually have this sweater in gray and beige as well and it is my favorite. Each color has a different length on the turtleneck part. The white has the biggest length and is able to be folded down like I have it. If you live somewhere that sees snow quite often during the winter, then you need to invest in a pair of snow boots. Yes, I said invest. Snow boots can be expensive, but are totally worth it and highly needed. Make sure they have good grips on the bottom to avoid slipping and get ones with some fur inside to keep your feet extra warm! I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you live someplace that’s sunny 24/7 I envy you, only when it snows though lol. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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