Veggie Scrambled Recipe

Since going vegetarian 8 months ago, I always get asked “do you still eat eggs?” The answer is, sometimes. Eggs are not my first choice, but if I’m in the mood for them yes I will eat them. I put myself in the category of pescatarian, because I do eat shrimp and crab, but I also do eat eggs. Sometimes, you just want scrambled eggs, especially if it’s a nice Sunday morning. I recently upped my vegetable intake to 4 servings a day, so I decided to turn my boring scrambled eggs into a Veggie Scrambled. This is a great breakfast, packed with nutrients and protein. I will only eat this on the weekends and maybe once every 2 weeks. It’s not an everyday meal for me. This is super easy to make, so let’s get into the recipe!

Veggie Scrambled

Course Breakfast
Servings 1 serving
Author theresamariedaily


  • 1/2 cup egg whites or 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes
  • 1 slice ezekiel bread (toasted)
  • 1-2 sprays olive oil cooking spray


  • pan
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • toaster
  • spatula
  • plate


  1. Toast your bread then spray your pan with olive oil cooking spray and throw in your chopped mushrooms and tomatoes.

  2. Cook veggies for 2 minutes then throw in your 1/2 cup of egg whites. 

  3. Scramble them around until fully cooked.

  4. On a plate, layer your veggie scrambled on top of your toast. Pour on any toppings you like and enjoy! 


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