The Uninspired Me

Hi everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve put up a blog post. I’ve been all over the place lately, not physically, but mentally. I haven’t been inspired for Instagram or blogging and it actually sucks, because this is truly something I love to do. Life has gotten in the way, and all sorts of changes have been occurring. This isn’t me complaining at all, I have been enjoying every second of my life and I am extremely happy, I’m just uninspired for TMD.

I have been home all summer, well besides 2 vacations, but I currently don’t have a job. Blogging is all I have right now and I’ve been slacking on that so hard, as you can tell. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been enjoying summer so much, how I turned 21 and just want to go out constantly lol, or because many changes have occurred in my life.

In January of this year, I turned 21. You know how on every birthday you get asked “do you feel any different?” and usually the answer is “no,” well 21 has made me feel completely different. I feel stronger (mentally and physically), I feel that I have finally found my true self and I know what I want/need and love, and overall I feel as if I am finally happy with every single part of my life.

I am trying to share more of my personal life with you so that my content becomes more relatable. I don’t want TMD to just be a place of inspiration, I want my viewers and followers to become my friends and be able to relate to my life on a more personal level. With that being said, I’m going to get a little personal right now. Back in November of last year, my ex boyfriend and I finally decided to let each other go. That honestly was extremely hard, but I told myself “Theresa, you have until January 1 to feel sad about this and then you need to focus on yourself.” That’s exactly what I did, for once in my life I took my own advice. I went into 2018 with the attitude “this is my year.” Once I did that, I felt myself forgetting my ex and all the bullshit and I started living and not just existing.

Once you choose happiness and yourself, everything good comes to you. Once I turned 21 (Jan 24), I started going out more and seeing my friends on a regular basis. Even though I was in the process of figuring myself out and wanting to be alone, it really helped to have my friends by my side. I finished my 3rd year of college and honestly, it was a hard school-year, but I made it through.

Fast forward to now… summer has never been a season that I liked. I hate being hot. The only things about summer I love, are being off of school, and going in the pool. So I’m going to blame my lack of blogging and being uninspired on how much I hate summertime. I feel like I’m way more inspired during fall, winter and the spring. I’ve been writing any idea that pops into my head down for the future and I’m going to try my hardest to get back into the swing of things, but sometimes you just have to live your life without the stress of everything else around you.

I am 100% not giving up on TMD. It’s just been difficult to get inspired. This post is honestly for my personal record so I can look back on this and know that it’s just a phase. I also wanted to explain to you all how life has been for me lately in case any of you have or are going through the same thing. I know I’ll be back soon and creating great content for you all. Thank you for the continued love and support!💕



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