The Leopard Coat

Leopard print has been around since Dior had it in their 1947 fashion show. It’s a print with a huge reputation, but it’s all the rage once again. I have always been a fan of leopard print since I was a little girl, and I remember seeing it all over place back in middle school once Snooki brought it to life again on the Jersey Shore. Depending how you wear leopard it can be seen as classy or extremely trashy.

I like to keep my leopard print on the classy side. Usually, in booties, a coat, or sometimes even a top. I honestly feel like a girl boss when I wear leopard print, especially when its my leopard print coat. I totally am one of those people who thinks leopard print is associated with colder months, but if you love it and want to rock it all year go ahead girl!


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