Thanksgiving Outfit + Makeup Ideas

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s filled with great food, laughter, and the cozy weather of the fall season. I’m not sure where it came from that you have to be dressed up for Thanksgiving, but I am a fan of it. Most people celebrate this holiday in the comfort of their home, but they will still be dressed up. Why wouldn’t we want to be in pajamas so we can eat more? Personally, I wear something loose, but still nice so I have room for food. In this post, I’m going to be sharing some outfit ideas, including 1 for men, plus a pumpkin spice inspired makeup look. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🥧

Outfit 1: Similar dress / Similar dress 2 / Similar dress 3 / Similar dress 4 / Boots

Outfit 2: Similar sweater / Similar sweater 2 / Similar sweater 3 / Jeans / Similar boots / Similar boots

Outfit 3: Skirt / Similar skirt / Rust sweater / Cardigan / Shoes

Outfit 4: Sweater / Skirt / Boots

Men’s Outfit:

Shirt / Pants / Shoes


For my full makeup routine check out this post: …Everyday Makeup Routine. Just change out the eyeshadow palettes for this one – Eyeshadow palette !

This palette has a step by step how to guide on the back, which is exactly what I followed for this look!

I think this is the perfect eye look for the fall season, and especially for Thanksgiving! I picked mine up from a local CVS. Super easy to follow and such a fun look! I wore this eye look for Halloween as well!


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