Talks With Theresa Marie: Self Motivation

Welcome back to another Talks With Theresa Marie! This months post is going to be about Self Motivation! I hope you all enjoy this post and find it helpful! Let’s get into it!

Self motivation/motivation in general, can really be hard sometimes. Motivation is something that I believe to be super important. Most people place motivation only in the category of fitness, but that’s not the only place it should be in. Motivation should be in everything that you do. I’m going to mainly focus on Self Motivation in this post, because I think motivating your self is more important than someone else motivating you.

You need self motivation to really do anything. If you’re not motivated to do something, chances are you’re never going to do it. I think self motivation goes hand in hand with self respect in a way. You have to respect yourself before anything. Self motivation can come in many forms. Within work, school, daily life, experiences, fitness, health etc. For example, if you always wanted to go hiking, but you are afraid you’ll get hurt or won’t be able to do it for as long as you want then you have to find things that’ll motivate you to do it. Start out small. Go for walks every day and always increase your distance. This will help motivate you, and show yourself that you can do it. It may take some time, but you’ll eventually feel motivated to go and hike that mountain.

Self motivation plays a huge role within fitness and healthy living. If you’re not motivated to workout, and eat healthy, you’re never going to lose that weight you want to lose, hit your goals etc. You have to be motivated constantly when you’re pursuing a fitness/healthy lifestyle. Yes, you can find this motivation within a workout partner/ trainer, whoever, but only you can motivate yourself to actually do it.

My biggest form of self motivation comes to me during the school year. School is extremely important. If you have no self motivation to do well in school, pass, or even go to class you’re probably going to fail or possibly be kicked out. Which is not good. You may want to do well, but if you don’t have the right motivation you’re still going to do bad. My school motivation comes from wanting to do well, having to stay organized, and knowing that I need to keep up my GPA.

Self motivation comes in many forms and it’s up to you, and only you, to actually use it and fill your life with the positivity it will bring you. I’ve always wanted to do morning yoga, but I was never fully motivated to do it until one day I just did it and saw how good it made me feel. Now, I do yoga every morning before anything else to start my day. Find your self motivation, and I promise, you’ll feel amazing when you do.



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