Talks With Theresa Marie: Faith

Faith is something I usually never speak about, for I feel it’s a sensitive topic, but it’s Lent, so I figured I’d share some of my thoughts on it.

I was born and raised as a Catholic and still practice today. It is something I hold close to me. I have been in Catholic school since the age of 2, my university is even Catholic. Catholic school, is the only schooling I know. I don’t know if it’s much different from a public school setting, but I do know that I enjoy(ed) going to Catholic school.

I attend Church every Sunday, but I usually never understand what the Priest is talking about. I like to read the Bible on my own time, and reflect and understand it my way. I use the Bible app on my phone to read it, although I do have a Bible for women. It’s more of a 365 day devotional though. I love devotionals.

I think when it comes to faith, you have to figure out what you believe in, and what you do to connect. No one can tell you or make you believe something, you have to do that on your own. For me, I believe that God works in mysterious ways, and everything that happens in life, God has a reason for. It is fairly recent that I have seen this within my own life. I believe God showed me the way to finding myself. God will never give you something you can’t handle. In 2017, God gave me something that was a little hard to handle at the time, but now I know I could handle it and things are better. On December 31 (NYE), I told myself, no more sadness in 2018, 2018 is going to be the best year of your life, and I have to say it has been. I know that God gave me that challenge in 2017, so that I could watch myself grow in 2018.

It’s hard to believe that I have grown so much, but I truly have and it’s amazing. My whole mood, and outlook on life has completely changed. My life basically took a 360 turn, not even 180. Even my best friend sees it, she tells me “I’m so proud of you” at least once a week. Change is a good thing, especially when the change is coming from God. God helped me see my value and worth and showed me that I’ll be okay, God also showed me it’s okay to not be okay, but most importantly, God showed me love, and how to love myself.

I am a Catholic so when I talk about faith I talk about God, but I don’t think that believing in God is a requirement for all. If you don’t believe in God that is fine, I do not judge, but you should find something you believe in, because believing in something is probably the strongest form of love I have ever known.



  1. Leah
    March 28, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    Hi! Just stumbled across your insta account and your blog! I’m new to the blogging scene and have stared my own (very simple lol) blog. I’m Catholic although am a lapsed but I went to catholic school and my parents are both very devout catholics, anyway just wanted to say hello and your blog is lovely xx

    • March 28, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      Hi! So nice to connect with you! Thank you so much😊😁


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