Talks With Theresa Marie: Doing Good For Yourself

Doing good for yourself, is another way of saying that you’re putting yourself first. On Thursday, one of my dear friends took me to a pilates class with her, except it wasn’t your ordinary pilates class, it was a hot pilates class. A hot pilates class is basic pilates in a room set at 90-100°F. This particular one was 100°F and a mix of pilates, yoga and some light dance.

I never thought I would enjoy working out in 100°F conditions, but I loved it. This class really challenged me to push myself and see what my body can really do. They play great music that is full of meaning and you just go through the moves in sequence while focusing on your breathing. I didn’t know my body could do some of these moves. It really felt good knowing I CAN DO THIS.

I’m telling you this experience I had, because I think it’s important to know that we can do anything we set our mind too. Our bodies are a lot stronger than we think. Yes, I go to the gym and lift weights, but I didn’t know I could balance the way I had to for some of these pilates/yoga moves. Would I go back? 100% yes, I am still extremely sore from this workout so I don’t know if I could go everyday, but maybe 1-2 times a week!

Pilates works mainly your core, but also your entire body. You won’t feel sore during the workout, but the day after you won’t want to leave your bed. I honestly love the feeling of being sore. When I’m sore from a workout, I know my muscles are working and that I had a great workout. I really did too. This was honestly, the best workout I’ve ever had. I am completely in love with it. So, I encourage all of you to go and do something that’ll challenge you. Put yourself first, always, even if it’s just for 1 hour of your day. You will feel amazing when it’s over! Thanks for reading this month’s Talks With Theresa Marie!(:



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