Talks With Theresa Marie: Mental Health Awareness

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading and coming back to another Talks With Theresa Marie! This month’s topic is Mental Health. I know this is a sensitive topic, but being that it was World Mental Health Day on October 10, I feel it’s appropriate to talk about for this month.

Warning: Sensitive topic

Mental Health is something that many people struggle with. It is most often silent, which is why we don’t always know when someone is suffering from it. We all experience some type of stress in our lives but, for some stress is the least of their problems because they feel every bad emotion possible all at once.

I think mental health needs to be and should be talked about more often. It is a serious issue and more people need to become aware of if its affects. On World Mental Health Day, I came across this video on Facebook, where a man was talking about how horrible he felt emotionally that he decided he wanted to take his own life so he jumped off a bridge, but he lived. He said he instantly regretting jumping as his hands flung his body over the railing. I’m not big on crying, but when this man said that, I cried. What if he did die? He would never see his loved ones again, he wouldn’t have a chance to win the lotto, ride a bike or do anything ever again. He regretted jumping. I don’t talk about religion because I feel that’s something very personal, but I think God saved him from dying to give him a second chance at life.

No one struggling from a mental illness actually wants to die, and they damn sure don’t want attention. The man said in the video that he felt no one actually cared about him, but really he just couldn’t see it. That’s the thing with mental illness, it blinds you from seeing the love, and good in life.

Next time you make a harsh comment to someone, or do something to someone that you know you shouldn’t, think about it. Think about it hard. Think about the affect it will or could have on that person. Even if they aren’t suffering from a mental illness, don’t be mean. You wouldn’t want someone to treat you badly, so don’t treat others badly. Think before you say or do something.

If you know someone struggling with mental illness, talk to them, show them love, take them to dinner, go with them to the doctor, just support and love them unconditionally.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


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