Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body & Surroundings

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It’s finally time for spring cleaning! I honestly love this time of year. Winter ends, and spring comes bringing new beginnings. With that being said, spring cleaning is a total must, but not just of your closets. The TMD spring cleaning way, is all about Mind, Body & Surroundings. Just like the coming of a new year, a new season brings about change and this requires some heavy cleaning.


Cleaning your mind is a big deal. For me, when spring comes I know school is ending for summer very shortly. The change from winter into spring shows you that whatever is dead, will find new life again. Everything will grow back. You will find happiness again. It’s common to be upset during the winter months because it’s so cold and dark outside, but spring makes everyone happy and cheerful. Cleaning your mind is a great thing to do, this involves getting rid of any negativity in your life, whether that be a person, situation, etc. Negativity can effect you greatly, even silently sometimes. It can be hard to let go of a relationship, but if it’s a negative one you have to do what is best for you. Clean your mind of all the negativity and you will be guided to the correct path of life.


The spring time is also a reminder that summer is around the corner. Which means bathing suits. I personally, hate bathing suit season. My confidence in a bathing suit has never been high, and for some, they feel the same way. It can be very uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit, especially if you aren’t body confident. At the end of the day though, who cares! Anyone can have a bikini body, just put a bikini on your body and there you have a bikini body! It’s that simple. Take this spring time to work on your body confidence, go for some walks and get active. Enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh fruits that this season gives us. Remember everything begins with the mind so work on that before anything else.


Spring cleaning of your surroundings is probably the most known form of spring cleaning, and it usually involves your house. A good deep clean of your house is always the most therapeutic thing you can do honestly. It may take you all day, even two days, or a week, but once you’re done you will feel amazing. Clean out your closet, donate your clothes, get rid of everything that you do not wear anymore. Go through your pantry and refrigerators too. Cleaning these areas where you store food is super important for your health. Stock up on delicious fresh fruit, veggies and any other seasonal foods you like! Get rid of all the processed garbage. This section also goes hand in hand with the mind. Negative surrounds are not good, you must get rid of them.

Spring cleaning is not just of the house, it’s also about your mind, body & surroundings. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you do your spring cleaning! Thanks for reading and happy spring!๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒผ ๐ŸŒธ

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