Spring Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps

It’s officially spring, which means spring cleaning is in full effect. Let’s face it, we all organize our places when the new year hits, but it usually doesn’t stay that way for long. Spring cleaning is a great way to get pumped for the new season! I’ve come up with 5 steps to make your spring cleaning experience easy and fun.

1. Make a list

What needs the most cleaning in your house? For me, it’s always my closets. Do you need to buy anything new? Having a list will really help you when you’re cleaning each section you need to clean.

2. Start with the worst section

I always start in my closets because that’s usually the area that needs the most help. I will literally throw everything on the floor and then organize everything into sections then fold and put away.

3. Get rid of unnecessary items

This can be challenging for some people, but it’s super important and will maximize the space you have. If you haven’t used something in over a year, get rid of it or find a new way to use it.

4. Clean every inch

When you have a home, you can sometimes forget about cleaning the windows and walls, but they’re just as important as vacuuming the floors. Clean every inch of your home and spaces. Wipe down everything and even repaint if needed. Don’t forget to clear air ducts, vents, and ac units as well!

5. Maintain the clean

I know it can be hard to maintain this super clean new space and home after you’ve spring cleaned it, but it’s super important to keep all these things clean. Keep track of what you did and try to dedicate at least once a week/month to redo some things.


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