Sleeping Habits I’ve Developed

Sleep is something we all love and treasure. I used to be the person in bed every night at 9:30, even in high school I was that way. I valued sleep so much and I still do, but my schedule has drastically changed since then so my sleeping habits have also changed.

My sleeping habits were a little crazy during summertime because I was off of school and I actually didn’t work this summer so I’m not going to talk about that, but since January, my sleeping habits have been on a routined schedule.

I use the ‘Bedtime’ feature on the iPhone and it’s honestly one of my favorite things. With the flexibility of my schedule I am able to set my bedtime as 12:30AM and my wake time as 9:30AM. Of course some days this can change, but I always keep the ‘bedtime’ feature on even if I know it’s a late night.

My Sleeping Habits

  • wake up at the same time every day (9:30AM)
  • sleep with an essential oil diffuser on – I alternate between Lavender and Breathe oils
  • no caffeine before bed – I usually stop drinking any type of caffeine by the mid-afternoon
  • no eating 2 hours before sleep – if anything have a banana it will make you tired
  • log off and put my phone down at least 20 minutes before I lay in bed
  • take a hot bath or shower and change right into pajamas after
  • read a book until I get tired


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