Self Love on Valentine’s Day

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Self love is one of the most important things you could ever give yourself. This Valentine’s Day, I do have a boyfriend to celebrate with, but I also am celebrating myself. I’ve been on a self love journey for a year now and it has completely changed my way of life. When I say, “self love journey” I mean since January 2018, I have been focusing on myself, my health and my confidence.

Self love is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone loves someone who is full of confidence, but don’t be too confident where you come off as conceited, because no one likes that. This Valentine’s Day, if you have a date or not, you should focus on some self love and really dig deep into your mental health.

Some things I love doing to practice my self love is:

  • Face masks
  • Reading
  • Long hot baths
  • Working out
  • Blogging
  • Journaling
  • Painting my nails

These are simple things that you could implement into your daily or weekly routine, even monthly if you have a tighter schedule. It’s always important to do things for yourself, so even taking 5 minutes is going to put your mind at ease and give you that self love you need. So, practice some self love this Valentine’s Day.

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