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Pieces of Me is a handcrafted jewelry company located and made in Holland, Michigan, United States. Their products aim to empower you and give you a daily reminder of how amazing you are. Pieces of Me currently has 30 designs representing different personality traits. These traits are put onto Single Cuff Bracelets Cuff Bracelet Sets, Earrings, and you can create Custom Cuff Bracelets. The products come in 14K Gold, Rose Gold and Sterling Silver. All purchases include trait description cards and a drawstring storage bag. Cuff purchases include two polish pads as well.

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The Traits:

Adventurous                                                                                      Ambitious

Easy-Going                                                                                         Compassionate

Confident                                                                                           Creative

Funny                                                                                                 Hardworking

Friendly                                                                                              Loyal

Athletic                                                                                               Bold

Calm                                                                                                   Determined

Dreamer                                                                                             Driven

Encouraging                                                                                      Fun-Loving

Honest                                                                                                Independent

Intelligent                                                                                          Leader

Loving                                                                                                 Outgoing

Passionate                                                                                          Quirky

Responsible                                                                                       Sassy

Strong                                                                                                 Witty

I discovered this company around Christmas time and I fell in love. My mom ended up ordering me a Cuff Bracelet Set . When you go onto Pieces of Me website the homepage has 5 categories, About Us, The Traits, Shop ,Blog, and Style Me. When you click on the Traits drop down box and then click on What’s My Trait? you can take a little quiz and find out which traits best represent you! It’s the cutest and coolest thing I’ve ever done on a website!

After I took the quiz, it told me that I am The Go-Getter! The Go-Getter Set, comes with two cuffs, an Ambitious and Hard-working Cuff! I was already in love with Pieces of Me from the second I discovered them, but after taking the quiz I immediately felt so inspired, empowered, and realized “yeah I really am a Go-Getter.”

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When you order a product from Pieces of Me, during the holiday season, they offer free gift-wrapping! For Christmas, it was this beautiful black, white and gold polka dotted paper with the cutest little gold bow on top! Perfect for any gift!

For the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day, Pieces of Me is offering special promotions! When you order a custom cuff, you’ll receive a limited edition Valentine’s Day Free Pouch! Also with any purchase, you will receive a free envelope that has a cute card in it so you can write a Valentine’s Day message to someone, a ribbon to tie around the box for extra decoration and some confetti to put inside the box with the gift! How cute is that?!? Who wouldn’t want free stuff right?! 

I love this brand and what they stand for. I am all for anything that aims to empower people. The cuffs are great for stacking and go with any outfit! When I wear these cuffs, I immediately feel happy, and so proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve accomplished. These cuffs help me reach my goals even quicker by giving me the daily reminder that I can achieve anything I set my mind too.

Pieces of Me is such an amazing brand. Their message is so inspiring and heart felt. The team is amazing as well! Everyone is so nice and they work extremely hard to promote happiness and empowerment to their customers.

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Be sure to check out Pieces of Me on their website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!!! Show them some love & support!!!

* I would never write a review or talk about a product if I didn’t love it. I paid for my own cuffs. They did not send them to me. I truly love and support Pieces of Me. They are an extraordinary brand and are working to empower people all over the world. *


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  1. quinncove wrote:

    Neat company, thanks for sharing their jewelry line!

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  2. I just realised that I went through your blog when you left your link on my “promote your blog” post. I thought I followed you only to realize I forgot to 😅

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
    • Awhh it’s okay! Thank you

      Posted 2.2.17 Reply
      • I was busy that day so I guess I didn’t notice😅 but thankfully I remembered when I saw your name and it looked familiar. So I checked out your blog

        Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  3. Marioness wrote:

    This jewelry looks amazing and it’s so cute! The rosegold ones must be amazing!

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  4. These are sooo cute! <3

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  5. This is so beautiful I’m in love, and I had no idea about this thank you so much for sharing it!

    Posted 2.3.17 Reply
    • You’re welcome! They’re a great brand! Deff check them out! 😊

      Posted 2.3.17 Reply
  6. These are so gorgeous!

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
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