Radiate Positivity

Happy Sunday everyone! This is honestly my favorite day of the week. I make a Sunday to-do list, and wake up early to get everything done. One of the most important tasks for me on Sunday, is going to church. It sets a positive mood which is key, especially on a Sunday to ensure you’ll have a good week.

Radiate positivity. This is something I hold true to myself. If you radiate positivity, your surroundings will be greater. Some things I do that help me to radiate positivity are:

  • Yoga
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Reading the Bible + reflecting
  • Church
  • Bike riding
  • Long hot baths
  • Blogging

These are just a few things that help me, but there are many more. Find the things that make you happy and positivity will come in your life. Being positive lifts your mood, and how you see your life. When you’re negative or surrounded by negativity you will be constantly upset or insecure. Negativity really takes a toll on your life I know this from experience. Take control of you life, eliminate negative energy and find those things that will radiate positivity. This can sometimes be hard because it may mean leaving people behind, ending friendships etc. but, are the people who bring negative energy in your life, really your friends ? Think about it.

Thanks for reading (: Have a great week everyone!


Hello loves! My name is Theresa Marie. I am a 21 year old college student, living in NY. I love iced lattes, animals, the fall and winter seasons, fashion, beauty, diys and food!
I started this blog in January of 2017 so that I can share the things I love and have a place for my passion of writing. Theresa Marie Daily (TMD), is a place of comfort, where you can come for recipes, beauty tips/favorites, see my personal style, fashion tips, lifestyle tips/tricks, diys, and other miscellaneous posts. I have a category called “Talks With Theresa Marie” (TWTM), where each month, I post about an occurring issue, or something random that I just feel like talking about, and I give my opinion/view on it. TWTM, gives you a personal insight on who I am and my beliefs/opinions on certain things. I hope to inspire each and every one of you to go outside the box with your food, lifestyle and personal style, and just enjoy life. Thank you so much for following along and reading!

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