Productive Morning Routine

Productive mornings during summertime are essential. Since I’m out of school until the Fall, I tend to get lazy so these productive mornings are key for me. I do these things more within the week than on the weekends. My summer weekends consist of fun, and relaxing. In this post, I’m going to be sharing what I do during my Productive Mornings. I hope this post inspires you and gives you some ideas to create your own productive mornings!

  • First thing I always do is make my at home iced coffee! Sometimes, I will drive to Dunkin just because its 2 minutes away, but for the most part I will make my own iced coffee at home.
    • For the coffee part, I will either brew a 6oz Vanilla Starbucks K-cup from my Keurig or I will use 8oz of Celestial Seasons Dirty Iced Chai (my absolute favorite chai).
    • I take my 20 oz Ello Kella BPA-Free Glass Sipper with Straw fill it with ice cubes and vanilla almond milk then pour in my desired coffee (I only add sugar if I’m making coffee, I never add sugar to the chai)!
  • After making my coffee, I will open my Women’s Bible or 365 Devotional and read that days page. I love doing this while sipping on my coffee. If the weather is nice, sometimes I will even do this outside.
  • Then, I usually open up my planner and look at what I have going on that week and fill in any last minute plans I may have.
  • The most important step is this one, I will open up my blogging notebook and see what posts I have planned. If I don’t like something I will move it around, change it or come up with a new idea. I will write down what photos need to be taken and what goes wear in the blog posts. I will usually draft out the post too if I haven’t already done so. At this point, I will take to youtube and Pinterest for some inspiration. I also look through some magazines and catch up on all the latest trends and see if they fit in my style enough to put them on TMD.
  • In between all these things I do laundry and clean. Doing these in between everything else is actually really helpful because it gives me tiny breaks to clean when I’m in inspiration mode. Planning for my blog could take hours, especially since I run it all by myself.
  • The biggest break I take from all this is going to the gym. I love to go anywhere from 12:30-3, but usually always find myself there for 1 o’clock. It’s the best time because all the morning people have left and the nighttime people are still home or at work so the gym is empty. I stay for an hour or an hour and a half and then go home to shower and continue my routine.

These are the things I usually do everyday (Monday-Thursday) during my morning productive sessions. Keeping myself on a routine really helps me stay focused, productive, and actually healthy because I’m not sitting around doing nothing eating junk (that can happen occasionally🙈). No matter what time I wake up (anywhere from 8:30-11am) this all gets done. I think it’s important to have a morning routine in the summer to keep you busy, especially if you’re home like me.


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