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We’re all guilty of searching “Christmas gift wrap” on Pinterest. I mean, why wouldn’t you want the gifts to all match? I used to buy different wrapping paper for every person receiving a gift, but that got out of control and now I just buy one same wrapping paper for everyone. It actually makes wrapping gifts simpler.

Of course, I went on Pinterest for inspiration and let me tell you, there is a lot of photos for Christmas gift wrapping ideas. I decided I wanted a red and white theme like a candy cane, but not exactly candy cane themed paper.


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Since I knew I was going to be buying a lot of paper, I went to HomeGoods to see what they had at a cheaper price. Feel free to go where you like. The cheapest would be a dollar store, but I find that paper is too thin and rips easily when wrapping. I like the paper to be thick. I found this gorgeous white paper with metallic red Christmas trees on it and instantly fell in love with it.

That paper came home with me that day. I actually bought all the roles they had of it in the store. I also picked up some name tags that are white and red with gold writing and a holly on it, and some red curling ribbon to tie all the gifts together.

When it comes to wrapping gifts, I have no fancy way of doing it. I just do what my mom taught me.

  1. Roll out paper and place gift face down back side up on paper
  2. Fold one side over and tape to gift to secure
  3. Then measure the other side according to how much you need to fold over and cut paper to size
  4. Tape second side and turn box to do ends
  5. If too long cut paper and then flatten paper down and take 1 edge fold it in and tape, and repeat on other edge. Then fold remaining up and secure with tape
  6. Repeat for last end
  7. Do same for remaining gifts
  8. Take curling ribbon and place underneath biggest gift and then place other gifts on top in a diagonal pull ribbon open and over to measure exact size to wrap around all gifts. Cut to size.
  9. I like to wrap all gifts individually with ribbon to secure fully, so if you want to do this: still measure to exact size with all gifts stacked, but add a little extra since you’ll be tying it. Once measured take gifts off and only have the ribbon underneath the biggest gift. Cross the ribbon under to secure bottom gift, then pull up on sides and place next gift. Cross over top and under of second gift and up and around sides again for last git. Repeat steps for top gift. 
  10. Once fully secure fill out your name tag and tie to ribbon to secure. Then place a candy cane or any other fun holiday candy to top of gift!

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