Peanut Butter Chocolate Apple Chips

As you can probably tell by the title, this is going to be a recipe post! I love finding new recipes to make, especially if it’s one I can bring to class with me. This post will teach you how to make these easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Apple Chips! They’re super delicious and perfect as a school snack! I take these with me on the go all the time to class, work, even sometimes to the gym! Just store them in a sealed tight container in the fridge! Now, I’m sure you’re dying to know how to make these chips so let’s get into it!

What You’ll Need:

  • Mini Morsels (I used Nestle Milk Chocolate Mini Morsels)
  • Peanut Butter (I used Earth Balance Creamy)
  • Apples (1 is enough for 1-2 people)
  • Butter knife
  • Slicer (Grate 4 )

What To Do:

  1. Not shown: cut off the bottom of the apple, the “legs”
  2. Begin slicing the apple using your slicer. Be very careful when doing this. Do not cut your finger.
  3. Once the whole apple (or however many you are making) is fully sliced, pat dry with a paper towel to ensure PB will stick.
  4. Spread on your peanut butter and throw on some mini morsels.
  5. Continue until all are covered.
  6. Enjoy!

This little snack is so delicious, and packed with great nutrients. It can easily be substituted with almond butter, or dark chocolate as well!

Well, that’s all for this recipe! I hope you enjoyed this post! This is such an easy recipe to make and only takes 5-10 minutes!



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