My Grad School Expectations

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I can’t believe I just graduated college and now I’m going back. In my third year of undergrad, I was accepted into a 5 year combined degree program, which means, I only have to do 1 year of grad school, because the first year was combined with my last year of undergrad. I have taken 4 grad classes since last fall and honestly, I found them easier than undergrad. Well, except for my grad law class, that was difficult af.

Since I’ve already taken some grad classes, I have high expectations for the last 8. I am taking 4 this semester, and 4 in the spring and then I am done! My expectations are high, because from my own observations, grad students are always age 22. Some adults, with fully established lives go back for their masters so they can get a better job/more pay. I think grad professors, take that into consideration and change up the work load to easier quick tasks, unlike undergrad professors. So, I’m hoping I have less work as a full-time grad student.


  • they will be easier because it’s like a review from undergrad
  • the professors will be more understanding
  • I’ll actually learn something and it will stick with me
  • all the classes will connect
  • my time will be budgeted better
  • less homework, more studying

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