Life Lately

Today is the last day of my finals for my 3rd year in college! I honestly couldn’t be happier to be stepping into my 4th and last year of undergrad. This 3rd year was extremely difficult and challenging. I’m really glad it’s over. This post today is going to be a little update on my life hence the title Life Lately. I don’t do personal posts often, so I figured why not kick start my summer vacation explaining what I’ll be doing!

As I said above, today is my last day of finals. I will be a 4th year undergrad in the fall. I graduate with my undergraduate degree in 2019, but that isn’t the end for me. I am in the 5 year B.S/MBA program, which means after I graduate undergrad I will have 1 more full year to complete and then I will receive a MBA degree. My B.S is in Finance and my MBA will be in Business Analytics. For those who personally know me, you know that I never wanted to go to college. Although, I do feel having that college degree is definitely a must these days so that’s why I am in college. I am glad that I attend college though, because I have made some pretty amazing friends, and I’ve also discovered a passion I have for finance. I am always asked why finance? My answer is always “It’s interesting.” I like to do things that interest me and for my degree that happened to be finance. The financial world is always undergoing change, and is extremely fascinating so I decided to study it. Although, fascinating on the outside, on the inside it can be confusing and hard at times.

Since I am going to be in my 4th year, this semester also consisted of searching for an internship/job for the summer. Let’s just say looking for an internship/job is a lot harder than actually working. I applied to 20+ internships and only heard back from 5 of them. It’s a real struggle out there my friends. If you are unfamiliar with what an internship is, it’s basically a “job” in the field you are studying at your credited college. They can be paid or unpaid and also can count as credits in place of a class. They really help when looking for a real job once graduated, because you’ll already have some experience within your field without it being a real everyday job.

So currently I have no internship for this summer, so I am going to look for a regular summer job instead. I am going on 2 vacations this summer which are my usual family vacation spots of Florida and Upstate, New York. I am going to Florida at the end of this month and Upstate in the middle of August. I am so excited to go on vacation, I definitely need it more than ever this year.

Besides family vacations, I really am not doing much this summer. I hope to focus on my blog more and hit new goals, and also work on my health and fitness. My goal is to be the healthiest I can be and reach my goal weight by the time the new fall semester comes around. I know that if I work harder and stay focused and motivated I will be able to achieve these things. This is basically my last summer before I have a real working job (since next summer I will be graduated with an undergrad degree), so I plan on enjoying every second of it. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have an awesome Wednesday and happy summer vacation for all my fellow students! (:




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