Let’s Talk Horoscopes

Horoscopes can be a very controversial topic because not everyone believes in them. I was never really into them until recently, one of my good friends actually turned me on to them and now I’m hooked. In case you’re wondering I’m an Aquarius (January 24).

I have the daily horoscope app on my phone and after reading the Zodiac characteristics of an Aquarius, I’ve come to realize I’m definitely a true Aquarian. Some characteristics are:

  • strong
  • tolerant
  • independent
  • sensitive personality
  • enjoy learning
  • high standards for romantic partners
  • honest

I really enjoy receiving the daily horoscope notifications every morning. Those aren’t always 100% with my life, but they’re still very interesting to read because sometimes they are. Another cool app I love is Co-Star.

Co-Star is completely customized to you because it uses your birth time and place for the most accurate horoscope. It tells you what you’re your powers, pressures, and troubles are for the day which is honestly always accurate for me, it’s kinda scary. It also shows you your birth chart with all the signs and their houses then explains how you are related to that. You can add friends on Co-Star and see how compatible you are too.

It’s super interesting to learn about other signs as well, especially if you don’t get along with someone, maybe it’s because of your zodiac signs. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in astrology, I recommend at least trying it. It’s really cool, fun, and interesting.


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