How To Have A Better Morning

You probably clicked on this post because you’ve been having trouble waking up in the mornings, or simply just having bad mornings all together. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s just really hard to get out of bed. In this post, I’m going to be sharing my tips on How To Have A Better Morning.

  1. My top tip always, is to drink water first thing when you wake up. Keep a water bottle/glass next to you so you can drink it when you wake up. Drinking water first thing in the morning is what jumpstarts your metabolism for the day. Getting your metabolism up in the morning, is important because it’ll help you make healthy choices throughout the day.
  2. Along with number 1, is get in a morning workout. Morning workouts, have been proven to boost metabolism higher than if you worked out later in the day. Besides boosting your metabolism, working out releases your natural endorphins, which give you energy and make you feel good. Whenever I workout in the morning, I feel amazing throughout the whole day. You don’t have to do a crazy workout either, doing a little circuit for 15 minutes will still boost your metabolism for the day.
  3. Grab your coffee/tea and have “me” time. One of my favorite things to do in the morning (if I have time, this usually happens on weekends) is relax with my coffee/tea and read a good book. Read something that inspires you, or gets you thinking. I love to read my daily devotional. It inspires me and puts me into a spiritual place causing me to be happy and in a good mood.
  4. Don’t hit snooze. I find that when I hit snooze and fall back asleep, I wake up more tired. Sleeping too long can actually make you feel drained and more tired than you were before. Just get up, wash your face and conquer the day.
  5. Know you’ll be rushing in the morning? Plan your day, outfits, food, etc. the night before. This is something I do religiously. I think planning the night before saves you so much time in the morning, and it releases whatever stress you would have if you waited till the day of.
  6. Let go of yesterday. This is something that I think is super important. If you’ve ever had a bad day then you know it usually carries on into the next. I say let it go. Don’t let the trouble of yesterday affect your new day.

Well that’s all for my tips on How To Have A Better Morning! I hope these help you & I hope your mornings get better!


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