How to Dress Stylish When You’re ‘Not Feeling it’

Some days, I just don’t want to get dressed up. This has happened to me many times, even when I already have a whole outfit planned for an event. Sometimes, you’re just not feeling it. Whenever this happens, I go through my closet and find pieces that are trendy and easy to wear that will look effortless, but still chic. I can’t be the only one who goes through this. Which is why I’ve come up with a few tips to help you when this happens.

  • Go for something easy

Whenever this happens, my go-to is always a midi/maxi skirt or dress. Easy to throw on and comfortable. If it’s cold out layer it with a sweater and some booties and you’re good to go.

  • Accessorize

If you’re not feeling a skirt or dress, go for a basic outfit: jeans, bodysuit and boots. Make it stylish with accessories like fun earrings, or fashion belt. Layer some necklaces too and use a cool bag. Accessories honestly can change a whole look.

  • Pick comfort first

Like the first tip, I gravitate towards a skirt because they’re comfortable. Always pick comfort first. If you’re not feeling it, you need to be comfortable otherwise you’ll continue to be in a bad mood. Grab a pair of leggings and dress them up if that’s your comfort level. Even a pair of joggers dressed up with some heels is super chic and effortless.


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