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Hi loves! I am currently in my second semester of my second year of college. School can be tough sometimes. It can and will create stress on you. I use these tips whenever school is getting “in the way” of my happiness or overall health.

I am always asked how I do so well in school, so I thought I would write this post about it. This is in no way, me bragging about my GPA. I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know if these tips will help you! I would love to hear your feedback!

Tip # 1

The most important thing you could ever do in not only school, but also in general is believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t succeed in school or life. Believing in yourself is the key to success. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. When you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you set your mind too. This has helped me numerous times during school. Whenever I have a huge project or finals coming up, i take time to focus on myself (for at least 2 minutes if thats all i have). Just focusing on yourself and realizing your full potential and worth you’ll be able to get the task done and you will succeed at it. You can accomplish so many things when you first believe in yourself.

Tip # 2

Don’t complain about your homework/studying. You’re reading this and you’re probably like “what is this girl talking about, homework and studying is the worst.” Yes, yes it is. But, in order to do well in school you obviously have to do your homework and study. Most of the time, probably all the time actually, your tests will be the same as homework questions, or class work you did previously. If you study your homework, and actually do your best on it you will most likely do better on your tests. Homework is totally a drag, I understand that, but it is also so beneficial and we often forget that. So don’t complain about having to do homework. I mean, yeah if it totally has nothing to do with anything or if it’s like write a 50 page paper on whatever then go ahead and complain lol. Homework is more important than we think.

Tip # 3

If your teachers upload the syllabus onto blackboard (or any other program your school uses) PRINT IT OUT. I know technology is everything now, but having a physical copy of all your syllabi is so much easier. For me at least. I need physical things. I have to print things out to be able to highlight or make notes on them. Don’t get me wrong I love technology, and I’m all for it, but I need physical papers and physical notes to succeed in school. I just think printing your syllabus is way easier to reach, and look back on. You’re going to have folders anyways, just stick the syllabus in that class’s folder for easy access. This tip also correlates with the next one Tip # 4. Planning your school work starts with the syllabus.

Tip # 4

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Planning is so essential for school and life in general. Planning out your schoolwork makes it so much easier to get things done on time. I plan everything. When I get a syllabus I go in my planner and with a pencil I write in all the important dates. Having a planner is a must for school so you’re able to write down your homework. Let’s say you have 3 papers due one after another and you don’t even know where to begin, if you use your planner to map out what days you’ll work on what, it will make writing them so much easier. You’ll probably get an A on it too, because you went slow and took the time to plan things out first.

Tip # 5

TAKE BREAKS!!! Omg this is so important! When its finals week and you’re constantly studying you begin to feel overwhelmed. You have to take breaks when studying or from doing a project/ homework. Whether it be going to get coffee, going to the gym, taking a nap, listening to music, getting food, etc. You must take a break from whatever you’re doing! If you’re studying or working on your laptop for a long period of time it’s even more important to take breaks! Starring at a computer screen for a long time is very strenuous on the eyes so, take a break! My favorite thing to do for a break, besides napping lol, is to go out and get coffee with a friend fast, or just go for a walk and get some fresh air. You don’t want to “fry” your brain with school. Please just take some breaks!

Tip # 6

If you feel like you’re going to fail a class, your teacher isn’t good or you can’t drop the class anymore, get a tutor! People always associate tutors with you being “dumb”, but that isn’t the case at all. Tutors are an extra helper. Sometimes you just need someone other than the teacher to explain something to you. In high school I was so lost with geometry and it wasn’t my teacher she was great, I just needed a better way to learn it. I understood the work, but i couldn’t do it without my teacher being there. Resulting in me doing horrible on all the tests and home work. My parents got me a tutor and my grade went from a C to an A. I highly recommend a tutor, even if you’re doing great in school. It’s always good to get second opinions on your work.

I hope these little tips help you like they’ve helped me!

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  1. Marioness wrote:

    Thanks for all the tips! They are all really uselful!

    Posted 2.6.17 Reply
    • You’re welcome! & Thank you! They really work! I’ve been using these tips since Freshman year of h.s and now I’m in my second year of college!

      Posted 2.6.17 Reply
  2. This is very important! I also started today my 2nd second semester (of my 3rd year though) and the 1st one was a disaster because of stress+anxiety. I will try to keep myself focused on important things and be less lazy this semester and try and believe in myself because that’s something I never do. I hope you have a great semester and good luck! 🙂

    Posted 2.7.17 Reply
  3. Mags wrote:

    Awesome tips! I definitely agree with planning things out. Knowing what you got to get done in the future makes it easier to not procrastinate and cuts out surprises.

    Posted 2.7.17 Reply
  4. These are such great tips- especially # 3!!! Check out my post 5 Essential Life Tips for Every Girl in Their Twenties https://courtneylivin.wordpress.com/2017/02/21/6-essential-life-tips-for-every-girl-in-their-twenties/

    Posted 2.21.17 Reply
  5. Awesome tips girl! As a fellow university student I have to say not complaining about homework and studying and also taking breaks are the most important tips I suggest as well 🙂

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
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