Hair Tutorial: Relaxed Waves

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Relaxed waves is my new go-to hair style. It’s super easy and looks effortless. I’m not a fan of tight curls or super curly hair so this is a great option for me. This look takes me about 15-20 minutes to do but, it is so worth it. Scroll down to see how I achieve my Relaxed Waves Look.


  1. Brush out all your hair making sure there are no knots.
  2. Clip up the top section of your hair or section hair how you normally would.
  3. Section pieces of hair however you like (I take sections of all sizes, I find it looks more relaxed when the waves are all different sizes).
  4. Begin curling the bottom section of hair how you normally would (I like to curl my hair away from my face).
  5. Once bottom section is all curled, go ahead and take down that top section and begin curling.
  6. Once all your hair is curled, take your brush (I use a flat brush) to brush out the curls (this will create the relaxed wave look).
  7. Optional: You can add hairspray if desired (I usually don’t but, if I’m doing this look early in the morning to wear all day I will spray a little).

See how simple this look is? I love how effortless it turns out! It looks so natural too which I especially love! I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial!

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  1. 5.28.17

    I love this look!! 😍

  2. 5.29.17

    So in love with these waves!!! You have gorgeous hair x

  3. 5.30.17
    Juli said:

    Very nice! I hope to get my hair done like that sometime soon.

  4. 5.31.17

    Love the end result! Your hair color is absolutely beautiful as well!

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