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I’m a sucker for gold jewelry. I think it’s so timeless, and classy. Dainty jewelry has my heart. If it’s too bulky, I won’t wear it. Recently, I’ve gotten some new pieces that I’ve been wearing everyday and wanted to share for some jewelry inspo!

Layered Necklaces 

Layered necklaces always look so pretty, but are super annoying when they get tangled. I’ve solved that problem with this necklace connector from Amazon. It makes layering necklaces so easy without the hassle of tangling.

  • Key necklace – This was a gift from my boyfriend. It’s a Tiffany necklace that is no longer in stock, but here is all the key items in gold from their site –> gold key
  • Butterfly necklace – This necklace is from an online store It’s Especially Lucky. They have the cutest pieces in silver as well! Butterflies are important in my family so this is super special to me.
  • Evil Eye necklace – I’ve wanted a gold evil eye necklace for a while now and I finally found the perfect one! This is from an Etsy shop – LaLaCrystal. The style I have is “26. Sun & CZ EYE, 20 inches.”

Small Hoop Earrings

My everyday earring is usually a small hoop, but I will wear big hoops or even fun hanging earrings for special occasions.

I’ve been wearing these butterfly ones a lot recently, but I will also wear a plain small gold hoop or just anything that is gold and dainty. If it’s too big it usually tugs on my ears.


I usually wear dainty rings as well, because I have small fingers, but the big ring in the photo is the exception. I also have a diamond T ring for my name, but it’s only worn for special occasions because of its size.

  • Curled stone ring – This ring is actually in rose gold, but I loved it so much I had to purchase and in person you really can’t tell.
  • The 2 other small rings were purchased at street fairs. They’re both super dainty.

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