Essentials for Self Care During Fall/Winter

As it continues to get colder and colder self care becomes more important. Once fall hits, we start to think of the holidays and begin to stress about gifts, and celebrations and we forget to take care of ourselves. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the Essentials you need for Self Care During Fall/Winter.

  • Candles

This list is in no particular order, but candles are definitely number 1. Candles are my favorite. I have ones for every season, but mainly for the fall and winter time. They calm me down, and cause me to relax with their gorgeous scents. Not into candles? Buy a diffuser and some essential oils. This has the same effect and they do have fall scented oils! Here are some from amazon.

  • Blankets

This one is obvious, but as it’s getting colder you need some cozy blankets to help you relax with your candles. I personally love faux fur ones or big fluffy ones. I think they’re the coziest. Here are some examples.

  • Hot Chocolate

Ugh hot chocolate is my absolute favorite during the colder months! I could drink it all day long. I guess you have to like chocolate to like it, but the original hot chocolate flavor has been upscaled with flavors like peppermint hot chocolate, sea salt caramel hot chocolate, and white hot chocolate. I have tried all these other flavors and love them, but I am a true original hot chocolate lover. Now you have your candles, blankets and hot chocolate what’s next?

  • Wellness Journal/Bible/Diary

Writing how you feel, your goals, and reflecting are essential to health. You may think otherwise, but trust me these are super important things to do. When you write down how you feel it’s like that weight is lifted from your shoulders and you can breathe again. I try to do this once a week and reflect on those days, but sometimes I do forget. When I’m stressed with school though, I always remember to do this, sometimes even every day. This really helps you relax. Here are some wellness journals.


Now you have all your essentials! All you need is some popcorn, and Netflix and you’re all set and self cared! Once you’ve done and gathered all these essentials, take a hot shower or bath before going to bed and drink a cup of chamomile tea to ensure you have the best sleep ever. I hope these tips/essentials work for you! Happy self care! Thanks for reading (:


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  1. Makiya wrote:

    I’m convinced we are the same person because these are all my fall/winter essentials! Candles and a journal though is definitely my favs ✨

    Posted 11.19.17 Reply
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