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DIY’s are my absolute favorite things to do! They’re super fun, creative and can really spice anything up! For this DIY my friend and I wanted to do your basic Tie Dye T-shirts. We bought the kits from Michaels Craft Store  and I already had a bunch of white t-shirts so we used those! We had so much fun doing it and we’re extremely happy with how they turned out! Now let’s get into the fun!

What You’ll Need:

What To Do: 

Side Spiral Design

  • Pinch and begin twisting the area you want the spiral to appear on. (My friend chose the side of the shirt)
  • Once whole shirt is spiraled, take rubber bands to wrap around shirt to hold design in place.
  • Choose your color(s) and begin pouring the dye onto the shirt where you want it. (My friend did each triangle of rubber band a different color)

*Once you have dyed your shirt, wrap it in plastic wrap, or a plastic bag to keep damp before rinsing.

Crumple Design

  • Crumple shirt beginning from the middle, making sure to get the entire shirt all crumpled.
  • Tie your rubber bands around shirt to keep design in place.
  • Choose color(s) and begin pouring dye where you want it to be placed. (I chose one color, so I poured the dye all over the shirt)

*Once you have dyed your shirt, wrap it in plastic wrap, or a plastic bag to keep damp before rinsing.

*Keep shirts in plastic for 6-8 hours (I kept mine overnight and rinsed them the next morning).

  • Rinse shirts with water, until it runs clear.
  • Wash separately in washer machine with a tiny amount of detergent.
  • Place in dryer or hang dry.

That’s all you have to do to create beautiful Tie Dye shirts!

My friend and I wanted to create more and we had a lot of dye left so here are some pictures of all the shirts we made.


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  1. July 10, 2017 / 1:07 pm

    they turned out great!! love this idea


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