DIY Easter Centerpieces

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A centerpiece is the focal point of a table. The thing everyone sees first. With Easter in a week, I decided to create some fun and cute DIY Easter centerpieces for my family dinner. These are extremely easy to make, literally, all the supplies (minus the flowers) are from Dollar Tree!

Easter Centerpieces

What You Need:

  • 2 vases
  • 4 packages of egg pick decorations (2 smaller eggs, and 3 bigger eggs)
  • flowers
  • doily
  • ribbon

What To Do:

  1. Start by washing your vases and filling them with water. Wrap a doily around the vase and secure with a ribbon for extra decoration.
  2. Next, cut the stems of your flowers to the size needed for your vase and arrange with the egg sticks in the way you want. Place them in the vase.
  3. Place on your table or anywhere to act as the focal point and have everyone enjoy your beautiful DIY Easter centerpieces!


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