DIY: Apple Centerpiece

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If you can’t tell, in September I’m all about apples! I love apples all year round, but I think they’re the best in September. This post is going to be another apple themed DIY. If you haven’t checked out my other September DIY then check it out first! Let’s jump into this post!

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:

  1. Take your foam disk and place it inside the bucket. If you need to hot glue the edges do so to secure (mine fit inside the bucket perfectly so I did not have to glue it).
  2. Take your floral stems and cut them into individual pieces.
  3. Cut a foam block to size and place a wooden stick in the middle pushing it into the foam disk to secure.
  4. Slowly, carefully and gently push the wooden sticks into the bottom of the faux apples.
  5. Do 2 green, 2 red apples for the bottom layer. Place these apples into the foam disk on an angle, not straight up.
  6. For the foam block, start on the edges, again placing them on an angle.
  7. Continue the process until the foam is completely covered.
  8. Once complete, place the floral stems in areas of open space.
  9. Measure and tie your ribbon around the bucket and hot glue to secure.

The Finished DIY

See how cute & easy this DIY is?! I hope you all enjoyed this post! There will be one more DIY post for September! (Don’t worry there’s DIYs in October too!)

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