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The past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing around with ideas and trying to get my creativity back. Little did I know, my creativity never left, I just wasn’t trying hard enough. Honestly, summer is fun and all, but I HATE the heat! It really takes a lot out of me and makes me not want to do anything, but lay in the pool with a drink. I had absolutely no motivation to take photos with makeup melting off, sweaty body… you get the point. I’ve always been a journal girl, so I started writing down every idea I had and making them come to life on days it wasn’t too hot, or I’d plan to jump in the pool right after.

Feeling like you’ve lost your creativity when all you want to do is create is hard. I felt like this for a while now, until I took a break, a step back from all of it and I just focused on what was important to me and why I love to be creative and do this blog. When you put things into perspective, you fully see how much they mean to you and why you can’t quit when things get tough.

I almost quit and deleted this blog, and all the social media. Feeling like I had no creativity left hurt. I still had a tiny part of me that wanted to keep going so that’s what I did. Let’s face it, you could tell in some of my latest posts that I wasn’t trying, I was putting content up, just to have content and that’s never a good idea. My viewers saw that and I lost approximately 200 followers on my little break.

It’s not about numbers though, it’s about being happy with yourself and your content. What I’m trying to say in this post is, don’t give up when you feel you lost it. Start journaling, and look for inspiration in everything around you. Your creativity is gone, it’s just waiting for you to use it’s full potential.

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