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As August is coming to a close and September is slowly finding its way in, you’re probably starting to freak out a little. Why, you may ask? Well, because that means SCHOOL. Some schools have already gone back which is so crazy, but not me, I start classes on the 31st. The start of a new school semester can be exciting, but also very nerve-wracking. You need supplies, new clothes, new shoes, etc.

In this post, I am going to be talking about the importance of a Back To School Clean-out. Not only is it a clean-out of your old backpack from last year, but it’s a clean-out of your mind, body, and sorta everything clean-out. Not sure what I mean, well then keep reading to find out!

The Basics

This Back To School Clean-out starts with the basics. Your backpack/ school supplies from last/previous years. I have 3 backpacks that I interchange throughout the semesters (I just love backpacks lol sorry not sorry) and when the new semester rolls around, I often forget there are still things in them. The week before classes start again, I like to go through my old backpacks and take everything out. I lay it all on the floor and go through what I need and don’t need. This way, I can reuse folders and supplies, if possible. I never reuse notebooks because I usually go through all or half of them during the semester. If the class has to do with my major I will keep the notebook/papers in case I need to look back on something. If it’s a core class I get rid of the notebook.

It’s super important to do a backpack/ supplies clean-out so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to buy and you’ll know what you can reuse. Backpacks can be very expensive so during the year, try to take good care of them to avoid buying a new one every semester.

Your Mind

Now, you’re probably wondering ‘Theresa what does cleaning out my mind have to do with school?’ well, I’ll tell you. School can bring out a lot of stress and anxiety in people. I know, for myself I am a little more anxious during the school year, than summer. What I like to do is, find things that keep me calm and practice them whenever I am stressed. It can be anything really, whatever makes you stress free is the key. My favorite thing is to take a break from all things school, and go get a coffee, or just read a book for a short time before getting back into the school work/flow.

Besides stress, you want to eliminate negativity around you. Negativity in your life will bring you down, make you upset, stressed and constantly keep you in a bad mood. During the school year, you need to be focused on your classes and studies not worrying about negative things. If a friend is negative and brings you bad energy, talk to them, or distance yourself a little. I know that sounds harsh, but it’ll benefit you in the long run. I promise.

Your Body

Your body is so important. You must take care of it always. For my back to school body clean-out, I like to focus on my health goals more. I never buy food at school, unless I really need to. I find making my own lunches/ snacks for school, keeps me more focused and happy throughout the day. Especially since I know what is actually in my food, instead of it being a processed item from the cafeteria. You want your body to be healthy during school because it will keep you more focused. If you feel sick all the time from garbage food, you will fall behind because it will make you lazy. Fill your body with nutritious food and you’ll see the effect it will have on your school work.

Your Closet

Before you go and drop $ on your back to school clothes, clean out your closet. Take everything (yes everything) out and go through it. If you haven’t worn it in a while, donate it. We often buy so much clothes that we forget what is actually in our closets. One of my favorite things to do, is making outfits for school. I’ll go through my closet, put outfits together and if I like them I will take a selfie of it to remind myself ‘oh yeah I can wear that today.’ It’s a really good tip, especially if you wake up and don’t know what to wear. Planning outfits is key for school. I personally can’t go to school in sweats (unless I’m not feeling well). I feel more productive when I am dressed up. If you’re the same way, plan out your outfits.

Well, that’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and are ready to conquer the school year!

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