Angry Apples

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Upstate, New York for some apple picking at Lawrence Farms Orchards and we also visited the Angry Orchard company for some cider tastings! My friends and I are big on hard cider during the fall season, and Angry Orchard happens to be our favorite brand so we figured it would be fun to visit while we’re up there!

We started the day at one of our houses with bagels for breakfast and then we all headed up to the Orchard! It’s about a 1.5 hour drive, so you know it was filled with road trip playlists. Once we arrived, we were greeted by puppies, goats and ducks! We got our big bags to fill with apples, even a wagon to hold everything and we picked all the apples you could think of! We were sweating while we picked though, it was extremely hot out! The sun was super strong and had us dying, but we still had fun and made the best of it!

After apple picking, we went to lunch and we all had a feast lol. We needed some good food, before heading to Angry Orchard for hard cider. Angry Orchard was so fun! We heard about the history of the company, and got to taste all the ciders! After that we sat, drank, ate apple cider donuts, and played corn hole. I’d say we had a very productive fall fun day, even though it was 90 degrees 🍏 🍎


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