A Little Spring Layering

Spring is such a beautiful time of year! The flowers begin to blossom, the trees grow back their leaves, and the weather begins to warm up! Spring in NY can be tricky, sometimes the weather will hit 80° and other days it will be high 60s. It’s always very breezy too, even when it hits 80° so layering is a total must. Spring layering is different from fall and winter layering, you don’t need much to be warm. A light jacket will suffice.

I actually love layering in the spring because it means you can wear a tank top with a jacket and you won’t be cold! I have put together this post to share how I layer in the spring. It features 1 outfit, plus some light jackets that are perfect for spring time, just click their links at the end to shop!

This yellow jacket is my go-to for Spring! It’s a few years old so I cannot link the exact, but I have found several other yellow jackets to link for you! *My necklaces are from 6th Borough Boutique!

Affordable Spring Jackets:



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