6 Holiday Shopping Tips You Need to Know in 2020

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Holiday shopping this year is going to take place mainly online. Definitely different for some who are more in-person shoppers, but that is why I’m making this post! Online sales have increased since COVID-19 struck the U.S back in March. Now, with the colder seasons, holiday shopping online will become a new norm.

There are many resources to use when shopping online and are great for all the holiday shopping you may have to do! In this post, I’m going to share 6 holiday shopping tips you need to know in 2020!

Online Accounts

First things first, create online accounts for the stores you want to shop in! Online accounts are free and good to have so you can track orders, save credit cards, and even get member exclusive deals!

Download the Apps

Most stores now have their own apps where you can shop directly instead of having to go through an internet browser. An app for a store you frequently shop in is good to have, because that store will now always be at your fingertips and readily available anytime you need to shop! Sometimes stores even do in-app specials and deals so it’s always a good idea to create a free online account and download the stores app!

Make a list

Make a list of who you have to shop for along with 3 or 4 things you know they like; this will help you come up with ideas for gifts and let you keep track of who you bought gifts for!

Set a budget

On your list of gift recipients, write a budget for each person. This number will be the highest amount you could spend on a gift for them. This will help you visually see what you can and can’t spend. For example: I like to keep family members at the top of my budget and secret Santa gifts at the low end like no more than $15.

Use Rakuten

Rakuten is an online shopping service than offers cash back, coupons and shopping rewards for over 2,500 stores! Rakuten is so easy to use. There is a downloadable internet bookmark that will popup with the amount of cash back you can earn from shopping at the store website you just went to! It makes it very convenient and helps you to not forget to use Rakuten! If you don’t want to download the popup, you can simply go to the Rakuten website and start a shopping trip for a website that way! It’s super simple! Us my code to sign up for Rakuten today!

Use Honey

Another great online shopping platform is Honey. Honey helps find you the best coupons and deals on over 30,000 websites! You can even save money on ordering food!

Use your credit card points

Credit cards over cash back rewards on almost everything and the deals always change! Some cards even let you link your points with Amazon which is amazing if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper!


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