5 Festive Date Ideas

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Going out on the same kind of date can get repetitive and boring, especially during the holiday season. My boyfriend and I have done a lot of festive things since November and we both thought it would be a great idea to share them with all of you incase you need some date ideas! The holidays are always fun and there’s so many great activities and things to do to keep you feeling festive! We’ve curated a list of 5 Festive Date Ideas, I hope this inspires you and Happy Holidays everyone!

  1. Have a movie/hot chocolate date! My boyfriend and I do this about once a week! We’ll stay in and watch a Christmas movie on the couch with some hot chocolate! It’s a great way to spend time together, while still being festive and cozy! Who doesn’t love to watch Santa Clause with some Hot Coco, “Extra chocolate, shaken not stirred.”
  2. Go ice skating. I absolutely adore ice skating! I am no pro, but I did learn at a young age. I think it’s safe to say I am advanced lol.
  3. Visit your local tree! Most towns have a Christmas tree lighting night, and will keep the tree up for the whole month of December! It’s a fun trip to take! For us, our local tree is the one in Rockefeller Center! We went on a double date to visit the tree last week with my brother and his girlfriend and it was so festive and fun!
  4. Go to a light show! I think just about every state has at least one house that goes all out with Christmas decorations. Most or all of those houses are in a competition or donate money for charity! Google if you have a local one and visit it! For my fellow New Yorkers, there’s a lot in our state!
  5. Make a gingerbread house! Buy 1 to make together or 2 and make it a competition! This is so fun and honestly delicious! I make a gingerbread house every year and it’s still one of my favorite festive activities to do!

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