23 Things I’ve Learned by 23

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It was just last year that I was writing this post, only I was turning 22. A year really does go fast. A lot has changed within that year, but those changes have been good, and I’ve learned a lot about people, and myself.

This year, I’m keeping my birthday low-key and just doing things I enjoy with my boyfriend. Sometimes low-key is the way to go. Anyways here’s 23 Things I’ve Learned by 23.

  1. Life isn’t so serious;
  2. Take everything day by day;
  3. Buy a journal, and use it;
  4. Don’t be selfish all the time;
  5. Love hard;
  6. Live a healthy lifestyle, it’ll make you feel good;
  7. Cherish the little things;
  8. Believe in yourself;
  9. Some people can’t be trusted for a second time;
  10. Recognize who is always there for you;
  11. Talk to your parents;
  12. Work hard toward your goals;
  13. Study hard;
  14. Don’t give away all your secrets;
  15. Chase your dreams;
  16. Do what you love;
  17. Start each day fresh and smiling;
  18. Sometimes retail therapy is what you need;
  19. Meal prepping on Sunday will save your life;
  20. Take photos everywhere you go;
  21. Find things that spark a creative side in you;
  22. Read, Read, Read;
  23. Enjoy every sip of your wine.

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