2021 Resolutions

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The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals – Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go

2020 has been a crazy interesting year for all of us. This year challenged us, broke us, lifted us, inspired us, and so much more. It has truly been a year of deep emotion. 2020 taught me so many valuable lessons that I will take into each new year.

2021 will hopefully be that fresh start from 2020 and turn things around. Each year I make a set of goals/resolutions that I want to accomplish in the new year. Every goal set doesn’t always happen, but that’s part of being human.

2021 Resolutions

  • Focus on a healthy mind, body, and soul
  • Save money
  • Devote more time to me – I’ve taken up many hobbies in 2020 and I don’t want to lose that in the new year
  • Stop putting so much pressure on myself – not everything needs to always be perfect
  • Grow my Etsy shop into something big!
  • Let go of the past
  • Be surrounded by people who lift me up and support me
  • Be okay with not always having a set plan

These are just a few of my resolutions for 2021. This year taught me so much, especially about myself and I can honestly say, I think 2020 showed me who I truly am and I’m so grateful for that. 2020 was the year of finding yourself.

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