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2 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is approaching sooner than later which means it’s time to start organizing your outfit! I absolutely adore this holiday. The idea of it, giving thanks for all I have, the food, the good times, etc. I’m not sure if this is for everyone, but I always associate Thanksgiving with dressy/casual outfits! With that being said, I have come up with 2 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas, one thats dressy and one that’s casual. I hope these looks inspire yours for the holiday!


This is what I consider a dressy look for Thanksgiving – a festive colored dress with some tall boots! Thanksgiving is a holiday where you eat a lot, so if wearing a dress I suggest going with a flowy one like I did to cover the bloat from all the Turkey lol. This dress is such a gorgeous color and in my opinion is super flattering for a big flowy dress. Funny story –  I actually forgot I had this dress. When I was searching through my closet for this post I came across it and actually screamed because I was so happy lol. Clearly I have a shopping problem since it was hidden in the back of my closet, unseen. Unfortunately, because it is a few years old I cannot link it, but I have linked some cute festive colored dresses that I think would be perfect for this Holiday!


Now this is my favorite outfit ever. This sweater is so big and cozy. It was actually 32°F when I took these pictures, but this sweater kept me so warm! Only my little ankles were cold lol. Because this sweater is so big I decided to tuck the front in to show off my hips so I don’t look shorter than I really am (5’2). Not a jean girl? You could totally wear this sweater with some leggings and tall boots! It’s even long enough to wear as a dress if that’s your thing. I highly recommend buying this sweater because it’s so warm, cozy and extremely comfortable + it’s really pretty! The material isn’t itchy either, like some knit sweaters.

Well, thats all for my 2 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas post! I hope these looks help you when deciding what to wear for this beautiful holiday! Both of these outfits are super comfortable, which is exactly what you want on a holiday where all you’re going to do is eat. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you so much for reading!

Theresa Marie Daily




  • lexrayn

    I love both of these looks so much! They’re perfect for Thanksgiving. I definitely think I’ll be wearing something similar to the second look for the holiday! Ps. that sweater is to die for, I think I need it in my closet too!!

    • theresamariedaily

      Thanks so much girl! I’m probably going to wear look 2 also! You deff need the sweater it’s amazing so cozy and warm! Xo


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