10 General Amazon Gifts that Work for Anyone

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Have you ever had people on your list or a secret Santa that you didn’t know what to buy them? Same, I’m sure this has happened to most people. Not knowing a persons hobbies, likes/dislikes can make it hard when trying to buy a gift for them.

I’ve fixed my problem to this by coming up with a list of 10 general gifts that work for anyone. That’s right, I said anyone. There’s something for everyone on here! No stress allowed with this list!

  1. Portable phone charger
  2. Scarf, hat, gloves
  3. Cozy blanket
  4. Reusable travel mug
  5. Pajamas – women / Pajamas – men
  6. Portable and waterproof speaker
  7. Neck pillow with hood
  8. Mini Projector
  9. Amazon Alexa
  10. Google Chromcast Ultra

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