Tips On How To Tackle Finals Week

Finals are approaching and that means it’s time to start FREAKING OUT right? WRONG! I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to tackle finals week and get through it without a panic!

Tip # 1

Go through all your class syllabi and make sure you’ve done all the work through out the semester. If you think you’re missing something, ask your professor. It’s important to keep track of all your assignments. What I like to do is check off each assignment listed on the syllabus as I do it. If the syllabus doesn’t have the assignments listed, write them down on it whenever assigned. This way it’ll be easy to know what you’ve done or not.

Tip # 2

Plan out your study days. I have 6 classes but only 3 finals all on different days. This is actually great for me because I’ll be able to plan out my studying accordingly. None of them are cumulative, which is amazing. If your finals are cumulative I suggest studying a chapter every night until the exam, and the day before the exam have a big study day when you go over everything to make sure you know it all. Read over past tests and home works too for those are usually placed on the final. If you’re like me and feel the need to take a whole week to study for a final then do that, but most people only need a few days, which is fine! Take out your planner or a notebook and begin planning and budgeting your study time until the day of the exam!

Tip # 3

Stay hydrated, well fed and take breaks! This sounds self-explanatory but, it’s not when it comes to studying. Sometimes when I’m studying hard I actually forget to do these things lol. Take a break and go have a nice meal and drink lots of water. The worst thing that can happen when you’re studying is feeling sick and stopping even when you know you cant.

Tip # 4

Change your scenery. I love doing this during finals week, because they’re not like every other test. Sometimes a change of scenery can help you remember better. I like to move from my bedroom desk, to the kitchen or if it’s nice outside I’ll sit out and study in the sun. Some people even like going to a coffee shop, or Panera and studying there. I personally can’t do that but I know many people who do this.

Tip # 5

Eat a big, healthy, delicious breakfast the day of your exam! It’s super important to eat a breakfast before your final exams or any exam for that matter. Even if your exam is at night or just later in the day, it’s still important to eat a big breakfast that morning because it’ll keep you fully focused and energized all day! You’ll be able to kick those finals and get that A.

Good luck on all your exams! 

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  1. May 1, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    Ahhhhh I totally needed to read this! I’m feeling just a tad bit overwhelmed with finals and other school work! Thank you! 💛


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