Talks With Theresa Marie: Girl Power

Girl Power is a topic that has recently become more powerful and seen in the media. It’s something every female can relate to which is why I think it should be talked about.

When I hear the words Girl Power, I think of support. I also think of the PowerPuff Girls lol. We shouldn’t tear each other apart, and make each other feel bad. As females it is our job to uplift other females and all be badass girl bosses!

Supporting another female can be as easy as telling her “your makeup looks amazing today,” “your hair is so pretty,” “I love that outfit on you,” “that color looks great with your skin tone,” etc. You could also just simply be their friend – a good friend. When another female supports you, you feel amazing right? I know I do. It creates a judge free atmosphere.

When females support other females this crazy bond is formed. We all go through the same tough times, heartbreak, drama, etc. so why not uplift each other and give all the support we can?

Girl power should be a universal thing and not just to one area either. The whole world of females should be supporting each other in anyway possible. When we support each other that girl boss fire ignites within and you feel unstoppable.

Don’t you want to feel that girl boss fire ignite?

Get out there and support each other.



  1. May 28, 2017 / 11:27 am

    Love love love this post. I am big believer of girl love and girl power and this is the kind of things we need to encourage us. Women should come together <3


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