Talks With Theresa Marie: Exploring Your Own City Part 2

Back in February, I wrote the part 1 of this post. Little did I know, that was actually going to be a part 1 of anything. I have lived in New York my entire life, and have yet to explore everything I should have by now. Exploring your own city is something I believe to be extremely important. There are so many hidden things about a city that you’d never know by just living in it, you have to explore it. Part 1, was about exploring the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Part 2, is going to be about Central Park.

My day started at Penn station. Elisa and I got off the train, and walked down to the subway. We took the C train to 96th street and walked to Bareburger on Columbus Ave. Once we got our lunch to go, we walked back to 96 and went into the park. We ate our lunch on a rock in the shade and it was beautiful. In case you’re wondering what we ordered for lunch – Me: Beyond burger(vegan) without the vegan mayo, Elisa: Buttermilk fried chicken with lettuce and queso fundido on a brioche bun.

After lunch and a little impromptu photoshoot, we were on foot in the park. We walked the entire park (minus the blocks above 96th). Central Park, is so beautiful and so big. By the end, my feet were on fire lol, totally worth it though. Seeing how many people go to Central Park on a random Thursday was really exciting. There was so much happening, the weather was beautiful, all the runners were out, the bikes were out, even the street entertainment was awesome. It was one amazing day.

The performers were so good that I want them to preform at my wedding lol, whenever that happens. I need a man and a ring first haha.

We ended the day, walking on 5th and ended up in Zara. The most dangerous store in the world. We each spent more than we should’ve, but like it’s back to school shopping right? Lol, totally not a valid excuse when you’re in your 4th year of college.

Overall, the day was a 10/10. Explore your city and see what you’ll learn about it. I learned that NYC isn’t just traffic, loud noises, etc but, it’s a beautiful chaos.



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