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Hi loves! Today I am sharing with you my new series! Talks With Theresa Marie! I’ll be bringing up all sorts of topics! If you have any in mind that you would like me to talk about then contact me on any of my socials or go to my Contact Me page and send me an email! Or directly email me at put in the subject line Talks With Theresa Marie.

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Body Confidence…

Something I think everyone struggles with, or has struggled with in the past. I definitely struggle with this, not so much as I used to though.

The human body is an amazing thing. It is so fascinating. If you’ve ever taken a bio/science class then you already have some idea of this. Our bodies can do remarkable things. Therefore we should celebrate them.

To start celebrating your body:

  • Feed it the necessary nutrients it needs. Trust me I know we all love Oreos and chips but those aren’t the healthiest for us. You want to feed your body good food so that you can stay healthy and strong.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. You have to appreciate and love your own body. Not everyone has the same fast metabolism as others. Everyone/Everybody is different. There are healthy things you can take to increase your metabolism, for example: I drink what is called a Meta D every Morning before my cup of coffee. In it is 1 tsp. of cinnamon, 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar, 2 oz. of organic apple juice and 6 oz. of water. You shake it up and drink that before you eat breakfast. Cinnamon and apple cider vinegar are known to increase metabolism and stop bloating.
  • Love the body you have. If you are already confident in your body that is totally amazing! We only have one body to take care of. We should not be bringing it negative energy and bad foods. Stop saying, “I cant be a model ever because I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.” That is the worst thing you can tell yourself. It will only make you upset and cause you to eat your feelings.
  • Wear whatever you want. If you think you look smoking hot in something and it makes you feel good then wear it! Who cares what other people think or say about you! Don’t let others bring down your confidence. Wear whatever makes you happy.
  • Buy yourself something that makes you feel sexy. Whether it be some new panties or a bra, lingerie anything, buy it. If it makes you feel sexy and unstoppable buy it.



Hello loves! My name is Theresa Marie. I am a 21 year old college student, living in NY. I love iced lattes, animals, the fall and winter seasons, fashion, beauty, diys and food!
I started this blog in January of 2017 so that I can share the things I love and have a place for my passion of writing. Theresa Marie Daily (TMD), is a place of comfort, where you can come for recipes, beauty tips/favorites, see my personal style, fashion tips, lifestyle tips/tricks, diys, and other miscellaneous posts. I have a category called “Talks With Theresa Marie” (TWTM), where each month, I post about an occurring issue, or something random that I just feel like talking about, and I give my opinion/view on it. TWTM, gives you a personal insight on who I am and my beliefs/opinions on certain things. I hope to inspire each and every one of you to go outside the box with your food, lifestyle and personal style, and just enjoy life. Thank you so much for following along and reading!

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