Talks With Theresa Marie: Being Thankful

November is the month of Thanksgiving, which means it is time to reflect on all those things you’re thankful for. We should be thankful all year long, but we don’t really get the time to think of these things, until the season of the holidays begins. Being thankful is such an easy thing to do.

You should be thankful for all you have, especially since others may not be as fortunate as you. I love giving back all year long, but during the holiday season it makes me feel even better when I do it. Because I am thankful for what I have, I feel good giving back to others, and I know I am doing the right thing. It can literally take you 5 seconds to do something for someone and give back. Honestly, a great thing to do that is also super easy is next time you’re ordering your coffee, pay for the person behind you as well. You’re thankful you have the money to buy your own coffee, so why not give back, and have someone be thankful for you too.

It’s the little things that can make someone happy and thankful. What are you thankful for? Check out my list of 10 Things I Am Grateful For.

That’s all for my little post today! I hope you enjoyed this Talks With Theresa Marie! & Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays!


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